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Three Things: The Rodney Smith Edition

2016 December 26
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by Hazel

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The photographer Rodney Smith passed away this month, robbing the world of a prolific artist of whimsy. One of my stand-bys when I need a piece with a sense of humor, or dash of surrealism, this week’s Three Things is dedicated solely to Mr. Smith. Hat tip to you, sir.



Rodney Smith, Don jumping over hay roll No. 1, Monkton, Maryland, 1999. Photograph.



Rodney Smith, Woman With Hat Between Hedges, Parc de Sceaux, France, 2004. Photograph.



Rodney Smith, Twins in Tree, Snedens Landing, New York, 1999. Photograph.


Three Things: The Open Door Edition, II

2015 November 30
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This week, let’s revisit some open doors. An inviting (or perhaps ominous?) threshold of some kind is presented to your character. What next?



Hollie Chastain, Awaits. Collage on panel.



Rodney Smith, The Door. Photograph.



Andrew Wyeth, Cooling Shed, 1953. Tempera on panel. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA.


Three Things: The Search (for You!) Edition

2015 August 24
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Are you an industrious bookworm looking for something to do in your spare time? A critical reader looking for a home? A literary-type looking for a way to get involved in the literary community? We’re looking for you!

We’re looking for two or three Editorial Contributors to join our team of masterful book reviewers. (Please note: Hazel & Wren is an all-volunteer organization, so these are unpaid positions. We pay in hugs, beer, books, and good karma.)

For more details on the positions and how to apply, go here. You have until September 1st to apply!



Ramón Casas, After the Ball, 1895. Oil on canvas. Museo de la Abadía de Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain.



Lynn Skordal, The Singer, Not the Song, from the Chair Series. Paper collage.




Rodney Smith, Collin with Magnifying Glass, Alberta, Canada, 2004. Photograph.


Three Things: The Abandoned House Edition

2012 June 11
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Abandoned buildings, particularly houses, are terribly intriguing, romantic things. The faded glory, the muted, melancholic colors, and oh, the textures: the ghosts of lives past spring to life in one’s imagination without even the smallest of exertions.

This week I’ve collected three abandoned houses (two of which are located in Detroit, sadly enough). What stories conjure themselves up for you?


Kevin Bauman, #35 from 100 Abandoned Houses, 2008. Photograph.


Rodney Smith, Leaning House, Alberta, Canada, 2004. Photograph.


James Griffioen, Feral House #13, 2007. Photograph.


Psst: Open Mic is this week! We’ll be taking an Open Mic break in July, so this will be your last chance to submit your work-in-progress for two whole months!

(Open Mic will return with a summer tan on August 8th.) Submit your prose or poetry piece before Wednesday for feedback from your fellow writers.