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Faux Ads

What are these things?

They’re ads, silly! Oh, all right, they’re not real ads. Hazel has a box of Life magazines from the ’30s and ’40s, and when she’s bored (read: procrastinating), she pulls them out and giggles at the advertisements. When she finds especially good ones, she scans them in and Hazel and Wren write new ad copy to go with them. Every now and then, they host little “finish this ad” contests for the Hazel & Wren community (see below for previous winners), so if you want to contribute your own witty lines, keep your eyes peeled on the blog and Facebook page for the upcoming one.

Can I buy advertising space there for my own ads?

Nope, sorry. Faux ads only. We will be offering advertising space in select spots elsewhere on the site soon, though. If you want to have first dibs, or find out more, send a query to hello [at] hazelandwren.com.

But my ads are funny! And I will pay you big bucks!

That’s nice. Still nope, though.


“Write This Ad” Contest Winners





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