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Three Things: The Empty House Edition

2017 February 6

Let’s suppose your character finds her or himself in an empty house. What happens next?


William Eggleston, Untitled, from 10.D.70.V2. Photograph.


Anna Ådén, Untitled from Plainness series. Photograph.


Michael Cappabianca, The Aztecs, from The Material. Photograph.


Three Things: The Curtain Edition

2016 November 7

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This morning I’m peering out from behind some curtains. Let’s peer, and then write. (And tomorrow, make sure you go behind the election curtain and VOTE!)



Larry Sultan, Mom in Curtain, 1991, from Pictures from Home series. Photograph.



Anna Ådén, Untitled from Lily of the Valley series. Photograph.



Andrew Wyeth, Her Room, 1963. Tempera. Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine.



Three Things: The Prairie Edition

2016 October 17

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This week, the Hazel & Wren team heads to the Prairie Gate Literary Festival! In light of that, let’s write some words around the prairie.



Andrew Wyeth, Turkey Pond, 1944. Tempera on panel. Farnsworth Art Museum, Maine.



Pawel Pierscinski, Untitled. Photograph.



Anna Ådén, Untitled from Autumn Fields series. Photograph.


Three Things: The End of Swimming Season Edition

2016 September 12

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For all intents and purposes, our swimming season is over in the Midwest: Labor Day has come and gone, and the school year has begun. If you’re bound and determined, though, you may find a few warm days yet before autumn truly takes its hold. This week, let’s toast the few months of the year when we Minnesotans eschew our layers and bare our skin.



Anna Ådén, Untitled from Lily of the valley series. Photograph.



Barbara Cole, Girl with a Pearl Necklace, from Underworld, 2003. Photograph.



Daniel Seung Lee, Barton Springs Pool, Austin, TX. Photograph.


Psst: This week, Online Open Mic is back for the season! Submit your work-in-progress poetry and prose TODAY and TOMORROW, and get feedback from your fellow writers on Wednesday!