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Three Things: The Sci-Fi Edition

2014 October 13
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This week, I’m in the mood for science fiction. Care to play around with some sci-fi elements in your piece? It’ll be fun, I promise.



Simon Stålenhag, Septemberjägare, from Invasive Species series, 2013. Digital painting.



Melvin Sokolsky, Untitled, from Harper’s Bazaar “Bubble” Spring Collection, Paris, 1963.



Arthur Radebaugh. Illustration from his syndicated Sunday comic strip Closer Than We Think, December 9, 1962. 


P.S. Are you a sci-fi fan living in the Twin Cities? Then you should be at Club Jäger every Tuesday night for JägerCon Sci-Fi Tuesdays, hosted by Rob Callahan. Yessirree.


Three Things: Dream Edition V

2012 November 19
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I believe it’s time for another dream edition. This week we have three surreal photographs that are sure to get your subconscious rolling. Ready, set, write!


Melvin Sokolsky, Untitled, from Harper’s Bazaar “Bubble” Spring Collection, Paris, 1963. Photograph.


Lee Miller, Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning at Sedona, Arizona, 1946. Photograph.


Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, Suspension, 1999. Photograph.