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Three Things: Map Edition, II

2015 October 12
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This week, let’s stare at some more maps and imagine the stories within them. Or revolving around them. Go!



Matthew Buchholz, The City of San Francisco from Alternate Histories. Illustration. Via Etsy



Leonardo da Vinci, A plan of Imola, 1502. Pen and ink, with coloured washes and stylus lines over black chalk on paper. Royal Collection Trust, London, United Kingdom.



Nigel Peake, illustration for Nicolas Firket, 2007.


Psst: This week is Online Open Mic! Submit your work-in-progress today and tomorrow, in time to get feedback from your fellow writers on Wednesday!


Three Things: The Lovers Edition, II

2015 August 31
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Wren gets hitched this Saturday! In honor of the bride and groom, let’s write some words for lovers this week.


P.S. You have until tomorrow to apply for the open editorial positions here at Hazel & Wren!



Edward Gorey. Pen and ink illustration from The Fraught Settee, 1990. Published by The Fantod Press.



Unknown photographer, None but you, date unknown. Found photograph. Via Shorpy.



Max Ernst, La Cour du Dragon #24 from Une semaine de bonté ou Les sept éléments capitaux (One week of kindness / Goodness week or The seven deadly elements), 1934. Collage of wood engravings. Published by Éditions Jeanne Bucher, Paris.


Three Things: Surreal Kid Edition

2015 August 17
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This week feels like a surreal sort of week. Let’s focus, though, on making our subjects a bit more youthful. And zoomorphic. Yep, that sounds surreal enough to me.



Anonymous, Untitled. Postcard circa 1900-1920, from the collection of James Birch. Published in Babylon: Surreal Babies, by Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2010.



Anne Siems, Shelter, 2013. Oil on panel.



Jane Long, Underneath, from Dancing with Costică series. Digital photomontage.


Three Things: Gone Fishing Edition

2015 June 29
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Hello, Monday. Or rather, goodbye Monday. I’m calling it a day already, and hanging up my sign: Gone Fishing. Join me?



Katie Kehoe, Fishing at PS1 Contemporary, Long Island City, NY, 2010. Performance art.



Unknown illustrator, Meiji period (mid-19th century). Japanese book cover design, lithograph. 



G.C. Clutton, Ethel King colouring a mounted specimen of a Queensland Groper, 1926. Photograph. Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia.