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We’re Hiring!

2015 August 14
by Wren

Help!Pssst: We’re hiring! 

Do you like to read books? And then think about their themes, characters, and plot lines to the point of obsession? OMG, SO DO WE. Come write for us.

We’re looking for two or three Editorial Contributors to join our team of masterful book reviewers.

NOTE: Hazel & Wren is an all-volunteer organization, so these are unpaid positions. We pay in hugs, beer, books, and good karma.

For more details on the positions and how to apply, go here.


One Response
  1. Elena del Rio permalink
    September 1, 2015

    I love to read, am part of a book club (I live in Switzerland) and already write for a cinema magazine. I would be very happy to contribute!

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