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Three Things: The Boat Edition

2014 January 20
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The only boats floating in Minnesota right now are little plastic ones in bathtubs. Regardless, let’s warm our thoughts and write a few lines about (around, on) a boat. This week, here are three (non-plastic) boats for your writing pleasure.



Alex Colville, Embarkation, 1994. Acrylic polymer emulsion on hardboard. Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton NB, Canada.



Lori Nix, Red Sky from Some Other Place series, 2001. Photograph.



Mary Cassatt, The Boating Party, 1893-1894. Oil on canvas. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


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Three Things: The Sea Edition

2013 June 17
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This week, I’m in a nautical mood. Let’s make our way to the coast and write a little something, shall we? For those of us stuck behind our writing desks, here are three images to prompt the salty, sea-worthy senses.



Lori Nix, At Sea, 2004, from Lost series. Photograph. 



Alfred Stieglitz, Gossip–Katwyk, 1894. Photograph. Published in Camera Work, 1905.



Alex Colville, To Prince Edward Island, 1965. Acrylic emulsion on masonite. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.


Three Things: The Snow Edition

2012 December 10
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What with all of the snow that everyone has been shoveling (or trudging through, or sledding down) over the last 24 hours, how can we not write about it this week? Winter is finally, truly upon us here in Minnesota. Let’s write about walking in it, driving in it, playing in it: whatever strikes your fancy. Ready, get set, snow!


Lori Nix, Snow Storm from Accidentally Kansas series, 1998. Photograph.


Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Hunters in the Snow, 1565. Oil on panel. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.


Joe Holmes, Long Meadow North from Urban Wilderness series, 2010. Photograph.



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Three Things: The Dead Edition

2012 October 29
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What’s that you say? It’s Halloween this week? Well then, here are three corpses for you. Now you’ve got something to write about when they rise and walk past your window on Wednesday evening. Better sharpen those pencils!


Edward R. Hughes, Oh What’s That in the Hollow, 1895. Watercolor gouache. 


Edward Gorey, K is for Kate who was struck with an axe, from The Gashlycrumb Tinies, 1963. Pen and ink. Collection of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.


Lori Nix, Floater, 2001. Photograph.