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Three Things: The Egg Edition

2016 April 4
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This week, let’s look to the versatile egg for inspiration. To help get you started, I’ve collected three different artist’s take on the subject:



Man Ray, L’oeuf et le coquillage, 1931. Photograph. 



Nickolas Muray, Untitled, ca. 1922-1961. Photograph. George Eastman House, Brooklyn, New York.



Claes Oldenburg, Sculpture in the Form of a Fried Egg, 1966/1971. Canvas, dyed cotton, and expanded polystyrene. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois.


Three Things: Ode to Pie Edition, II

2014 June 16
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I’ve written about pie before, and let’s continue the pie paean. One of my favorite things is waking up to leftover homemade apple pie, and savoring a slice for breakfast over my morning coffee. Today, I am sipping my morning coffee pie-less, but the thought is enough for me to pick up my pen and write about pie. Here are three pies to help you and your pen, as well.



Claes Oldenburg, Pie A La Mode, 1962. Plaster-soaked muslin. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA. 



Lee Price, Lemon Meringue, 2010. Oil on linen.



Wayne Thiebaud, Pieces of Pumpkin, 1962. Oil on canvas. 


Three Things: The Horse Edition

2014 February 17
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One of the first stories I wrote and submitted anywhere was about an American Quarter Horse, written sometime around the fourth grade, and entered in a magazine contest. I don’t remember what the story was about, except that, it being written smack in the middle of my obsession with the “The Black Stallion” book series, a race happened at some point. I expect it was a terrible story, but, I suppose, aren’t many stories that are written before the age of ten?

This week, let’s write some more words of an equine nature. But let’s make it a little more interesting than just a well-trodden horse race tale, shall we?



Andrea Galvani, Death of an image #5, 2005. Photograph. Collection AGI, MART Museum, Rovereto, Italy.



Ulrika Kestere, Untitled from 7 Horses, October 2011—January 2012. Photograph.



Deborah Butterfield, Untitled (Horse), 1978. Mud, sticks. Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, California.


Three Things: The Spotlight Edition

2013 September 16
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This Wednesday, we’re inviting you (yes, you!) to step into the spotlight* (or at least, stand in front of our microphone) and read your work at our third Words at WAM. Co-hosted by yours truly and our dear friends, the WAM Collective, this third iteration of Words at WAM will feature writers Katie Sisneros and Dobby Gibson, and however many more of you we can get through in an hour and a half (get there early to sign up!).

Intimidated, ever-so-slightly, by the idea of a spotlight? Don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think. It won’t be anything like the following three performances. Unless, of course, that’s what you want. In which case, it will be exactly like that.



Pablo Picasso, Curtain for the ballet “Parade”, 1917. Tempera on canvas. Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.



Lisa Swerling, portion of All the World’s a Stage. Mixed media; shadowbox sculpture.



George Bellows, Dempsey and Firpo, 1924. Oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.


* We don’t have an actual spotlight. Sorry, folks.