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Three Things: The Empty House Edition

2017 February 6
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Let’s suppose your character finds her or himself in an empty house. What happens next?


William Eggleston, Untitled, from 10.D.70.V2. Photograph.


Anna Ådén, Untitled from Plainness series. Photograph.


Michael Cappabianca, The Aztecs, from The Material. Photograph.


Three Things: The (Surreal) Sheep Edition

2017 January 23
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Having grown up on a sheep farm, Wren and I have a fairly good understanding of the animal. By turns aloof, curious, alert and oblivious, sheep can be really dumb as a herd, but every once in a while a surprisingly smart ewe will separate herself from the rest and impress you.

This week we’re taking writing cues from the wooly bundles, with a surreal twist.



Jane Hammond, Cabrito, 2007. Photograph.



Michael McWilliams, In the Green Room. Acrylic.



Jasper Oostland, Schaap (Sheep), 2004. Acrylic on paper.


Three Things: The Flying Baby Edition

2017 January 16

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This week I’ve been pondering flying babies. Oh fine, maybe not… maybe I just happened across one of the below photographs and I thought it would make a crackin’ good writing prompt. Either way: this week, let’s study these babes suspended in mid-air and come up with a story behind them. Go!



Julie Blackmon, Baby Toss, 2009. Photograph.



Stephen Marc, Chicago, Illinois, from the series “The Black Trans-Atlantic Experience“, 1988. Photograph. Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri.



Rachel Hulin, Untitled, from Flying Henry series. Photograph.


Three Things: The Rodney Smith Edition

2016 December 26
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by Hazel

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The photographer Rodney Smith passed away this month, robbing the world of a prolific artist of whimsy. One of my stand-bys when I need a piece with a sense of humor, or dash of surrealism, this week’s Three Things is dedicated solely to Mr. Smith. Hat tip to you, sir.



Rodney Smith, Don jumping over hay roll No. 1, Monkton, Maryland, 1999. Photograph.



Rodney Smith, Woman With Hat Between Hedges, Parc de Sceaux, France, 2004. Photograph.



Rodney Smith, Twins in Tree, Snedens Landing, New York, 1999. Photograph.