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Three Things: The (Surreal) Sheep Edition

2017 January 23
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Having grown up on a sheep farm, Wren and I have a fairly good understanding of the animal. By turns aloof, curious, alert and oblivious, sheep can be really dumb as a herd, but every once in a while a surprisingly smart ewe will separate herself from the rest and impress you.

This week we’re taking writing cues from the wooly bundles, with a surreal twist.



Jane Hammond, Cabrito, 2007. Photograph.



Michael McWilliams, In the Green Room. Acrylic.



Jasper Oostland, Schaap (Sheep), 2004. Acrylic on paper.


Three Things: The Winter Edition

2016 December 12
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In my neck of the woods, it’s finally feeling like winter, and I feel like writing about it. In case your neck of the woods is still lacking a few wintry elements, here are three winter scenes to help you get in the mood as well.



Joseph Alleman, Lone Crimson, 2013. Oil on canvas. Private collection.



Melissa Zexter, Blizzard Lovers. Embroidered photograph.



Horace Pippin, The Fox (The Get-a-way), 1939. Oil on canvas. Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Three Things: The Gratitude Edition

2016 November 22
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This Thanksgiving week, let’s focus on a moment of gratitude. Here are three such moments to help inspire you.



Horace Pippin, Giving Thanks, 1942. Oil on canvas (later mounted to composition board). 



Nishe, Infinitely yours, 2013. Photograph. Via Flickr.



Fernando Botero, Still Life with Green Soup, 1972. Oil on canvas.


Three Things: Quiet Moment Edition

2016 November 14
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After a week like last week, and looking ahead to the weeks to come, I know I (and I suspect many others) could use a few quiet moments of reflection. Let’s write about such a moment.



Larry Sultan, Mom Touching Wallpaper, 1986, from Pictures from Home series. Photograph.



Njideka Akunyili Crosby, “The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born” Might Not Hold True For Much Longer, 2013. Acrylic and transfers on paper.



Martin Brigden, Thought, 2015. Photograph. Via Flickr.