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Twin Cities Book Festival Winners!

2011 October 21
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Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Rain Taxi’s Twin Cities Book Festival last weekend! We had a blast meeting all of you.

For those of you who didn’t make it to the festival: your loss. No, really.* In addition to free, sassy letterpress bookmarks up for grabs, we also had two drawings to win a letterpress print of your choice: one, a general email club drawing, and the other, a Faux Ad contest. Since we had such a great turnout, we decided to pick two names out of a very cute hat for the email drawing. Our winners are (drumroll, please): Cat Holm and Mindy Rhiger. Congratulations, Cat and Mindy!

To enter the Faux Ad contest, visitors were tasked with writing a headline to accompany the lovely model shown below. As the pressure mounted, hair follicles tore from heads, arm pits gushed sweat, and fat tears rolled down cheeks. Yet somehow, despite all the agony, at the end of the day we had a bunch of hilarious headlines to choose from, including the winning line, by Ari Edes: “Orange juice after brushing your teeth is as gross as they said!” We’re proud of you, our dear, witty friends.

The moral of this story? Come visit us. We reward sass, sweat, and wit with free stuff. It’s awesome.



* But we forgive you anyway.


Hazel & Wren at the Twin Cities Book Festival

2011 October 14
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The Twin Cities Book Festival is tomorrow. If you didn’t know this, you might a.) live under a rock, or b.) not be from Minnesota. Shame. Why? Because WE are going to BE THERE!

We’ll be giving away the sassiest letterpress bookmarks you’ve ever seen (see above) while supplies last, so make our table one of your first stops before these run out. We’ll also have two brand spankin’ new limited edition letterpress prints (sneak peek of Speak Softly below) for sale, in addition to our previous prints At Night and A Smithy. We’ll have a TC Book Festival special discount on the prints, so grab one for cheap(er) before they become available to the rest of the world next week.

As if all that letterpress fun wasn’t enough for ya, we’ll also have contests, giveaways, and general literary mischief.

(If you’re not able to make this fair, don’t shed too many tears. Rumor has it we’ll be at AWP in Chicago this spring, too. )


Speak Softly, 8″x10″ limited-edition letterpress print