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Words at WAM Recap

2012 February 29

Many thanks to everyone who came to Words at WAM last Wednesday!

Much gratitude to our partners-in-crime, WAM Collective, featured readers Miles Walser and Lightsey Darst, social hour musician Patrick Hertz, and photographer Lauren Tallarita.

Extra-special props to our awesome open mic-ers: Becky Liestman, Cindra Halm, Timothy Otte, Mason Nunemaker, Patrick Nathan, Nadia Serena, Jeffrey Ellinger, Susan Budig, Robert Kipp, Scott Vetsch, Sacha Chandarong, Jeffrey Skemp, Katharine Hargreaves, Jeffrey Watson, and Zac Kamm.

And to the five we didn’t get to, due to that ANNOYING THING CALLED TIME, we can’t wait to hear you next time (right?!): Scott Heins, Dan Forke, Shane Blegen, Dylan Hester, and Stephanie Nusser.

Fantastic night all around.


All photos by Lauren Tallarita. (Even more photos here!)

(We will shortly be en route to Chicago for that little thing called AWP (!!). That said, in order to keep ourselves sane, there will not be a What We’re Reading post tomorrow. Our sincere apologies, folks. In lieu of flowers, please send vials filled tears.)