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Three Things: The Cup of Tea Edition

2013 June 10
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Three Things

I’m sitting here nursing a cup of tea, thanks to a persistent sore throat. The weather here in Minnesota has also been the perfect tea weather: a fairly constant damp, chilly drizzle (positively British!). This week, let’s write an ode to that cup of tea. I’ve got three to get you started.



Janet Fish, Herb Tea, 1995. Oil on canvas. Smith College Museum of Art,  Northampton, MA.



Edward Gorey, The top of the zagava tree / Was frequently where they had tea. Pen and ink illustration for The Osbick Bird, 1970. Collection of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.



Ilya Zomb, Nightly Cup of Tea, 2010, from Overcoming Stillness series. Oil on linen.


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