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Handbound Pocket Notebook (At Night)

2011 June 10
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by Hazel

New goodies in the Hazel & Wren shop!


Pocket Notebook (At Night)
4″ x 4″ hand-bound pocket notebook, 20 blank interior pages
$10.00 (plus S&H; sales tax applies to Minnesota residents only)

Buy it at Hazel & Wren’s shop.

(more specs and info below)


4″ x 4″ hand-bound pocket notebook, 20 blank interior sheets

Limited run: we’ll make them until we run out of At Night proofs.*

Each book is hand-bound by Wren, with the front and back covers cut from discarded proofs of Hazel & Wren’s At Night letterpress print.

These books are individually hand-cut and hand-bound, with the result that each book is not exactly like another.

*The proofs are hand-pulled letterpress prints, and were printed from old wood type. This means there are some slight, natural variations in coloring from print to print, as well as some visible grain from the wood type.

Printed on Revere Suede Polar White 300gsm, a naturally acid- and chlorine-free paper. Ink used is a mixture of Daniel Smith Lithographic and Relief inks.