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Three Things: Sunbeam Edition

2012 January 9

On sunny but chilly winter days, sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up in a south-facing room and tracking the sunbeams as they move across the walls and floor. The slow, deliberate movement from one end to the other at times takes on a meditative quality, a reminder of the passage of time; and at other times it seems as if the sun is performing a sweeping, slow-motion scan, taking a daily inventory of each room’s contents. Or perhaps these phantom windows of light that are projected onto our walls are portals to some other place, the key to which we have yet to discover?

This week I have three such rooms, three such sunlit walls. How will they serve in your piece?


Uta Barth, Untitled (aot 4) from …and of time, 2000. Diptych color photographs.


Edward Hopper, Sun in an Empty Room, 1963. Oil on canvas. Private collection.


Vilhelm Hammershoi, Interior Strandgade, circa 1900.  Oil on canvas. Private collection.


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