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Words at WAM Recap!

2013 October 4

Thank you to everyone who came to our third
Words at WAM on September 18th!



Much gratitude to WAMWAM Collective, featured readers Katie Sisneros and Dobby Gibson, musical guest Beasthead, and Hazel & Wren peeps Timothy Otte and Elleni Paulson.

Extra-special props to our awesome open mic-ers: Arianna Conseur, Timothy Carroll, Fox Smoulder, Daniel Friedrich, Naomi Ko, Derek Larson, Wendy Brown-Baez, Jesse Green, Michael Gould, Mason Nunemaker, Nina Ewest, Jeffrey Ellinger, Diana Rajchel, Yuw Bodum, Clarence Brown, and Patrick Maloney.

And to the four we didn’t get to, due to that ANNOYING THING CALLED TIME, we can’t wait to hear you next time: Aron Wolde, John Moen, Hannah Cassel, Dan Forke.

Fantastic night all around!






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