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Words at WAM 2013 Recap

2013 March 6
by Hazel

Many thanks to everyone who came to Words at WAM last Wednesday!

Much gratitude to WAMWAM Collective, Ivory Tower, featured readers Matthew Ullery and Tish Jones, the U of MN student composers, photographer Lauren Tallarita, and Hazel & Wren peeps Timothy Otte, Elleni Paulson, and Nathan Young.

Extra-special props to our awesome open mic-ers: Erin Boylan, Dylan Hester, Drew Siqueland, Joseph Struyk, Becky Liestman, Dem Atlas (Josh Evans), Cooper Lund, Scott Heins, Cody Sweeney, Timothy Otte, Jack Humphrey, Derek Larson, Nathan Young, Danny Sigelman, Mason Nunemaker, and Julia Walchuk.

And to the seven we didn’t get to, due to that ANNOYING THING CALLED TIME, we can’t wait to hear you next time (right?!): Tyler Larkin, Yaw Bodom, Arnesh Roy, Granger Marsden, Dan Forke, Jessica Franck, Terrence Folz.

Scroll down to read the post-it note haikus! Fantastic night all around.


All photos by Lauren Tallarita. (Even more photos here!)


Haiku haiku hi
Hello – I am a haiku
A meta haiku.

I had to pee bad
The coffee was the reason
It was so worth it!

Spring, hours away
Oh winter, go suck an egg
Summer, you smell nice

Black & white you are
Looking at me, fondly
I love you Monkey

This is a haiku
I wrote this haiku for you
I hope you’re not blue

3 in the morning
Looking at old photographs
Of you and me then

A light breeze comes in
Through the window and kisses
My cheek so softly

Voice thick like muted
Screams slapped on the face of
God-like bronze women

Wait to speak at the
“Trash only” cacophony
Patient to listen

Go write a novel
Put your twitter name on it
It’s twenty thirteen.

Words at WAM 13
Our collective poetry
Will blow all your minds

Raw pigment on walls,
Swallowed by conversation –
What color are words?

We smoked a oney
Couldn’t tell it’s real funny
Time’s cheap, no money

White on white by white
It’s thoughtful – don’t you get it?
Blank, exclusive art

Ponderous cloaked men
Ninja turtle S&M
Waiting for the end

Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk
Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk
Twerk twerk twerk twerk twerk

Once upon a time
There was a singer who sucked
No one ever knew

Blank frames and blank flames
Green tea in a plastic cup
Warhol aint dead, man


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